10 February 2013

Day 5: Day trip to phi phi islands

Date: 28th December 2012

Day: 5

Had a early start today but of course woke up very late and rushed to the restaurant next door to grab some breakfast.

While I still do not remember the name of the restaurant next door or have a photo of it. I still remember that I have not written a review about this hotel. So here is the review for Baan Taveesri

Hotel Review

This hotel is located about 1.5Kms from the ao nang beach. Owner charlie who is a danish is so kind and helpful. He can guide you thoroughly on how to go and where to go.
I stayed there only for 2 nights but it was over all a good experience.
Charlie even booked us a phi-phi islands day tour the rates they offered were genuine. Soft bed, decent air conditioner, TV and DVD facilities in room, hot shower. What more can you ask for?
There is a restaurant next door to the hotel which can serve breakfast. I was so happy when the owner charlie offered himself to drop me at the bus stand while I was checking-out. I would say this can be the best budget choice you could make.
I can highly recommend this hotel for budget travellers.

View from my room

View from my room

 Continuing with my tale, I literally dumped the pancakes in my mouth as the pickup van for the day tour had already arrived. I forgot to mention about the company with which the hotel owner Charlie had booked my trip with. The company name is "Jane & June".
As per what he said this was a small tour company but could handle the tour efficiently and so did the company handle our tour efficiently.

The pickup van guy was kind enough to wait for me for about 10 minutes and I was the first passenger to be picked up. On the way we picked up a few people from nearby resorts and left for the gathering point near Noppharat Thara beach.
We were shortly met by our guide who called himself Moo. We were separated into groups and taken to our speed boat. There were around 15 people along with me. And the boat was not crowded.

Also there was this incident where a Chinese pregnant woman was in our group, our guide Moo strongly advised her against going on the trip.
So A word of caution for all pregnant women not to go on speed boat trips as it might get all bumpy at some point.

Now coming back to our phi phi islands trip, Here is the agenda for the day

1) Bamboo Islands
2) Viking Cave
3) Maya Bay
4) Ko Phi phi Don
5) Hong Islands

We started the tour off at 9:00AM and were back 4:00PM.
We followed the exact order that I have mentioned.

On the way to Bamboo Islands

The first look of Bamboo Islands from my speed boat

Bamboo Islands

Only then I got to know Bamboo Islands was also called as

Bamboo Island aka Koh Mai Pai

We were allowed 30 minutes here and we had to get back to the speed boat.

Next stop the viking caves, where the swallow birds make their nest and it is believed that the soup made out of swallow bird's nest is healthy.

Though we weren't allowed to get of the boat we we moved very slowly to get a good look at the caves and the techniques how men take the  swallow birds nest out of there

Viking Cave

Moved out of there to the  next destination Maya Bay

En route to Ma ya Bay

One more 

And there we are
The stunning Ma Ya bay.

Maya Bay 

And lazing around in here for 30 minutes. Everybody got back to the boat and about to leave to our next stop which was Koh Phi Phi don and suddenly we realise we are missing one member from our group.
We thought that guy must have drowned somewhere after 30 minutes of searching we found him walking back towards our boat and he said that he had been out exploring Maya Bay. We were like WHAT?!

Off to our Lunch adda

Ko Phi phi Don

We were there for about 1 hours and I definitely got vegetarian food to eat.
But I was so hungry that I forgot to take a photo of my food ;). Happens

An inside view at Ko Phi Phi Don

As I was exploring KO Phi phi I forgot that I should be back by 2:00 at the speed boat, and I didn't have a watch to check the time. I rushed back to the place where we had git down and then I remembered that I forgot to note my speed boat's name or design.

Panic struck. I was imagining all weird things what if I was left alone, I didn't carry a single diem with me to get back to ao nang.
I walked half the stretch of the beach to see if I could identify the speed boat that I came in and no trace of it.
I heart was racing, thinking What now.
Then I felt a pat on my shoulder it was our  speed boat's captain who called himself Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow

And Just to be careful the next time, I took a picture of our speed boat.
I am being responsible now, remember my parents sent me alone to be careful not to get lost. hehe :)

Our Speed boat

Lats and final stop for the day was hong islands
This was basically the snorkeling stop and I did snorkel a bit but I was too afraid.

Random pic of people snorkeling

Our guide advised us about sea urchins and speed boat propellers which might be dangerous to us while snorkeling.
We snorkeled for about 45 minutes next we head back to Ao nang.

And thus the day day tour to phi phi comes to an end.
I came back to the hotel for a hot shower and this was the last day I would be in ao nang.
I had a flight back to Bangkok the next day. But I still repent for not having stayed in Ao nang a little while longer.

I ended the day with a vegetarian buffet dinner at Bernie's place it was good and worth for THB 150.

And this is the memory I carried back home.


Rest in the Next



  1. Beautiful pictures, they have rebuilt a lot since the Tsunami....We were in Phi Phi island a long time ago...

    1. It was magic wasn' it? I just could not leave the place.

  2. Very tempting, excellent pictorials and penning.

    1. Thanks so much! Will try to keep up the work!


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