23 February 2013

Day 7: The Chatuchak day and a bit of khao san road

Day 7: 30th Dec 2012

Day: 7

 I am wondering what a lazy bones I should be not being able to write a blog in a continuous manner. I promised myself to update on a twice in a day basis which gradually has become once in a week.
Grumblings apart.

I will write a review about Mystic place rooms hotel, Bangkok in this post and share my experiences about my day in Chatuchak.

(Hotel Review)

I stayed in this hotel just one night as I had plans to visit Chatuchak. Hotel has different themed rooms. The room I stayed in was trash chic. The decor of the room was built out of waste. It was an excellent idea. 
Location wise I would say it is not bang-on. I would say Mo-chit is on one far end of the city.
I tried locating the hotel all by myself from the BTS station it was quite difficult. Not If you take a taxi I am sure you would definitely find it easily.
The hotel offers Tuk-tuk service to BTS and Chatuchak on an hourly basis.
The service is efficient. They have a cafe called as mystic cafe prices are very reasonable but the portion is less.
The hotel served breakfast too. But on the downside vegetarian choice was limited to toast.
For Non-Vegetarians I would say nothing is an issue.
No noise and my room had a small balcony facing the road good enough for a laid back morning tea.
I will surely recommend this hotel for a short stay.

Mystic place rooms Bangkok
View of the room

I also want to add how creatively they have turned trash into treasure.
This photo would be a good example.

Stand made of crushed cans

Now, that I have written enough (I think! ^_^) about the hotel. Let me write how the day at chatuchak went for me.

This blue blue tuk-tuk took me to the Chatuchak market for free!!

Tuk-Tukmystic place rooms
Tuk-Tuk @ Mystic place rooms 

k t As everybody says, I will also say Chatuchak is huuuuuuge. It is definitiely bigger than the biggest of markets you would have seen.
My God what is not there. You will be spoilt for choice for anything and everything.
And definitely do not even try to venture without traking in a map which you can get at the entrances or the BTS station.

And don't worry even if you forget to pick one you have maps attached like the below here and there

Chatuchak Market map
Chatuchak Market Map

I made the mistake of not picking up the map and I would have rounded the same area for about 3 to 4 times. hehe. Happens.!

There is nothing you can't find in this market, name it you will find it.
I went around a lot and I kept a few things in my mind so that I could compare with a few shops around the market and then find the best one to purchase at a good rate.
What did you think? I did not or was not able to find the shop again.

All  lanes looked the same, I didn't have a clue where I was. As I had read many blogs that Chatuchak clock tower can be a point that nobody can miss.
Went round and round and round could no find where it was..

Poor me :( !

I kept walking and decided not to do the comparison stunt that I pulled up on myself.
And purchased all the junk stuff I could take with home with me. Just to add up the baggage fees I would be paying the Air Asia guys. Phew phew

Some photos in Chatuchak, to get you all an idea of the whole chatuchak scene

Chatuchak Weekend market
Plaster of paris models of dogs

Chatuchak Weekend market
As crowded as our T. Nagar

Chatuchak Weekend market
Me standing in one of the chatuchak lanes

I also spent a good 45 minutes just waiting to get my potrait done from one of the stands in there.
And the result was

Chatuchak Weekend Market

My mother was pretty unhappy about this and commented that it didn't look like me at all.
What do you have to say??

The artists I would say actually did a good job and the price was THB 100 per per person.
You even have the option of getting it framed.

After doing all this stuff I again walked around and this time I shopped whatever I liked the very moment I liked, did not want to compare things.
I purchased everything that my mother would call as waste of money.

And to top it all I was not able to carry all the junk back to my hotel. I easily would have had 20 ~ 30 carry covers with me along with my water bottle and camera.
Now for the last junk item I purchased was a big bag to carry all the junk I purchased which I bought for THB 70 after bargaining hard.
The irony of the bag was that, it tore even before I could reach the hotel.
Way to go!

And I forgot to talk about the famous coconut ice cream of chatuchak

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Coconut Icecream @ Chatuchak
No you guessed it wrong.
I did not try it. It cost THB 30 which was fair enough for the quantity.
I would strongly recommend against trying this coz it is highly unhygienic you can see the largest of flies buzzing all over the ice cream stall.

All the shops here start closing by around 5:00PM. And this is the time when you can see people giving heavily discounted prices.
If you still have energy to go around the market for a quick look or any last minute grabs I would definitely say you should not miss the discounted prices.

I had the energy and I went around to dig a deeper hole in my pocket.
I would have spent around THB 4000 that day. :( :( :(

I walked back to one of the entrance to find a taxi and none were ready to take me back to my hotel.
I walked my way to the BTS station with the heavy torn bag I had purchased.
Reached my hotel and now I had to check-out and they helped me find a taxi to my next destination near Khao San road.

Surprisingly the taxi driver went by meter, I have heard from a lot of people that taxi drivers would never agree to go to Khao san road by meter.
Anyways It took around 45 minutes to reach my hotel after coping up with Bangkok's traffic and the check-in was smooth.

This time I stayed in a hotel called Boon Siri Place.
All the way to Khao san was beautifully decorated. Once in my hotel I dropped my bags and ventured outside in the aim of walking to the infamous khao san road.

If you had noticed I have not spoken anything about food today. It's just that I forgot.
Lunch adventure happened at Chatuchak I ate in one of the small restaurants in there who served me some Malaysian fried rice(Vegetarian one of course)!
Sorry though I forgot the name of the restaurant. The quantity of food was Indian and all that for Just       THB 60.
I thought this was the chance and ate two full plates of fried rice which would have been enough for me even for my dinner.

Coming back to the Khao san road hunt, My hotel was situated at a 7 minutes walking distance to Khao san but it took a little  longer for me to find the road and what seemed to be like a clean area all of a sudden turned into our T. Nagar Ranganathan street.
Lot of people, so many petty shops hawkers yelling at the top of their voice and few uncles approaching you with a bit of paper written Pussy show on it.
And at least 5 people would pass your ears saying " Ping-Pong show" / the sex show.
Warning: Don't get lured into it until you do not want to waste all your money on nothing but cheap sex tricks and you would be contributing to a sad part of the sex industry in Thailand.

Anyways I am walking further to see why khao san is famous, I know why now

  • The sex shows
  • Accommodation as cheap as THB 150 per night
  • and for the best pad Thai in Thailand
You could also find creepy fried insects that these people sell and charge THB 10 if you want to take a photo.

I keep walking to the end of the road and something caught my eye


And that was an Indian restaurant.. Drool drool drool drool
I do not know If I was secretly longing for Indian food, I went in the restaurant the moment I saw it.

And to my pleasure I saw a singh cook working in the kitchen. Authentic Indian food yayyyyyyyyyy....

I ordered everything from soup, masala papad, garlic naan, 2 side side and jeera rice. And I happily ate everything and I loved it.
The time to dig my pockets now, I expected a bill around THB 350 ~ 400. And guess what I decided not eat for next two days after seeing the bill. It was THB 870
Very good, what now?! I put a sad face and walked back to my hotel.

And I saw something that I would never forget on my way back to hotel and that was a chor ( Thief)
I saw him cut a foreigners bag at a distance and run away, I was surprised how it was.
And with 2 shocks for the day I came back to my room to sleep.

Now I am going sleep, so I will tell you the rest of the story in my next post

~ Kei

17 February 2013

Day 6: shift back to Bangkok

Date: 29th Dec 2012.

Day: 6

I have already started realising that my trip is coming to an end. I had only 6 more days to go.

I had to leave ao nang today, Coz I thought 2 nights was just enough to spend @ ao nang. But I was wrong.

I completely miscalculated, the place was so laid back and soothing that I did not want to leave.
What do you think I did?

No, I did not drop the plan of going back to Bangkok.... Coz I had a booked a whopping THB 3500 one way ticket to Bangkok on TG :(

I regretted that, and the ticket was non-refundable so no other go, I had to go back to Bangkok!

From Ao Nang to get to the Krabi airport is not hectic. There are quite a few ways, I am mentioning them below

1) Take a taxi to airport( Costliest Option)
2) I have heard that a shared mini van can take you as well ( Cheaper option compared to 1)
3) Taking the airport bus

I took the third option and it was quite good. There are fixed timings where the airport bus is scheduled and It can take you just for a small fee of THB 150. Not crowded. Keeps time and frequency is good.

As I had mentioned in my earlier post Hotel owner Charlie from ao nang dropped me at the bus stop.
The airport bus stops just in front of the Mc. Donalds

And One more information of course about food, Mc. Donalds does not sell any vegetarian stuff. And krabi airport does not have a proper restaurant set up. It has only a very few snack counters available and that too on the pricey side

TG ao nang to Bangkok
This monster took me back to Bangkok!
during the flight they served us some tea and cake. Not tasty~!!! :D

And as you might know we landed at Suvanaphoom ( Suvarnabhoomi). Don't even ask the airport was toooooooooooooo crowded..
I felt too irritated to look around as it was too crowded and walked straight to the baggage point.

To add insult to the injury mine was the last bag to to come on the belt. I waited almost 45 minutes for my bag. I was literally fuming smoke!

Now it was a Saturday and I wanted to go to the Chatuchak Market tomorrow. So I booked a hotel near Mo-chit and that is  Mystic Place rooms.
While I plan to write a review of the hotel in my next post. I just want to share how I commuted from Suvarnabhoomi to my hotel in Mo-chit.

The Airport Link is a boon to the travellers.
The route I took:

ARL from Airport ==> Phaya thai => Change to BTS Phaya Thai
BTS Phaya Thai ==> Mo-chit

No Hassles no difficulties.

About  How to purchase a ticket to ARL, that quite easy same as how you purchase a ticket in MRT.

Here is a snap of the ARL

ARL Bangkok City Line
ARL City Line

It seems that there are two Lines one notably the City Line & the other is Express Line.
I will not talk about the Express line, Coz I do not know anything about it. Hehe! ;)

And yes City Line, It stops in almost all the stops. between the airport and suvarnabhoomi. That's it~!

Got down at BTS Mochit. You know what I realised then?
I forgot to take the address of the hotel. Bum Bum BUM. With my poor Thai skills I asked people the directions to my hotel.
And it so happened nobody knew the name of the hotel or at least did not understand the way I pronounced. I am sure it was either of them.

A foreigner crossed by and I stopped her and asked if she knew my hotel, Unfortunately she didn't know too. But she gave me a tip to check out Soi Pradhiapat as there might be so many hotels.

I walked, walked and walked and yet not over kept walking each person I enquired asked me to walk further.
Sun was going down and my panic level increased.
Alas.... I found Soi Pradhiaphat it was a main road and very busy adding to which side walks were small with small shop filled with fish/ chicken stink.

It was 30 minutes since I started walking I still could not figure out where I was. And the further I walked the number of people who understood English decreased.
I saw a big hotel and walked in thinking just that the receptionists in such a big hotel would be able to talk English.
Smarty me, Idea worked out and the lady in the reception was able to help me out to figure where my hotel was.

Then to my relief after a few meter of further walk I spotted this board

Hotel near Chatuchak Market
The hotel's name board

And I was checked-in duly and the people at the reception were too helpful and the courtesy extended to the level where they themselves understood I was damn tired and thirsty and gave me some water to drink.

It was almost 1 hours before I could find the hotel now and it was dark by then. I went to my room, washed myself and went out for a stroll.
I would say there was nothing much around that area expect for a lot of street food stalls which I thought was especially stinky in this area and few stores here and there.
And forgot to mention the purpose of the stroll, without doubts it was Dinner Hunting trip.
I discovered 3 Indian restaurants near my hotel but I definitely didn't want to eat Indian and mind it Indian food is costly.

Headed back to hotel and my hotel had a cozy cafe called as Mystic cafe where I decided to finish my dinner.
I chose to do so coz there were a lot of people walking in and out. And I did not regret the decision.
They cooked me superbo vegetarian food. I am sorry but I was so hungry I did not take a pic of the food.
But I could definitely give a thumbs up. The portion was very less though.
Anyways I hit the bed for that as I had a long day tomorrow or at least I had thought so.
The day at the Chatuchak Market.

Rest in the next


10 February 2013

Day 5: Day trip to phi phi islands

Date: 28th December 2012

Day: 5

Had a early start today but of course woke up very late and rushed to the restaurant next door to grab some breakfast.

While I still do not remember the name of the restaurant next door or have a photo of it. I still remember that I have not written a review about this hotel. So here is the review for Baan Taveesri

Hotel Review

This hotel is located about 1.5Kms from the ao nang beach. Owner charlie who is a danish is so kind and helpful. He can guide you thoroughly on how to go and where to go.
I stayed there only for 2 nights but it was over all a good experience.
Charlie even booked us a phi-phi islands day tour the rates they offered were genuine. Soft bed, decent air conditioner, TV and DVD facilities in room, hot shower. What more can you ask for?
There is a restaurant next door to the hotel which can serve breakfast. I was so happy when the owner charlie offered himself to drop me at the bus stand while I was checking-out. I would say this can be the best budget choice you could make.
I can highly recommend this hotel for budget travellers.

View from my room

View from my room

 Continuing with my tale, I literally dumped the pancakes in my mouth as the pickup van for the day tour had already arrived. I forgot to mention about the company with which the hotel owner Charlie had booked my trip with. The company name is "Jane & June".
As per what he said this was a small tour company but could handle the tour efficiently and so did the company handle our tour efficiently.

The pickup van guy was kind enough to wait for me for about 10 minutes and I was the first passenger to be picked up. On the way we picked up a few people from nearby resorts and left for the gathering point near Noppharat Thara beach.
We were shortly met by our guide who called himself Moo. We were separated into groups and taken to our speed boat. There were around 15 people along with me. And the boat was not crowded.

Also there was this incident where a Chinese pregnant woman was in our group, our guide Moo strongly advised her against going on the trip.
So A word of caution for all pregnant women not to go on speed boat trips as it might get all bumpy at some point.

Now coming back to our phi phi islands trip, Here is the agenda for the day

1) Bamboo Islands
2) Viking Cave
3) Maya Bay
4) Ko Phi phi Don
5) Hong Islands

We started the tour off at 9:00AM and were back 4:00PM.
We followed the exact order that I have mentioned.

On the way to Bamboo Islands

The first look of Bamboo Islands from my speed boat

Bamboo Islands

Only then I got to know Bamboo Islands was also called as

Bamboo Island aka Koh Mai Pai

We were allowed 30 minutes here and we had to get back to the speed boat.

Next stop the viking caves, where the swallow birds make their nest and it is believed that the soup made out of swallow bird's nest is healthy.

Though we weren't allowed to get of the boat we we moved very slowly to get a good look at the caves and the techniques how men take the  swallow birds nest out of there

Viking Cave

Moved out of there to the  next destination Maya Bay

En route to Ma ya Bay

One more 

And there we are
The stunning Ma Ya bay.

Maya Bay 

And lazing around in here for 30 minutes. Everybody got back to the boat and about to leave to our next stop which was Koh Phi Phi don and suddenly we realise we are missing one member from our group.
We thought that guy must have drowned somewhere after 30 minutes of searching we found him walking back towards our boat and he said that he had been out exploring Maya Bay. We were like WHAT?!

Off to our Lunch adda

Ko Phi phi Don

We were there for about 1 hours and I definitely got vegetarian food to eat.
But I was so hungry that I forgot to take a photo of my food ;). Happens

An inside view at Ko Phi Phi Don

As I was exploring KO Phi phi I forgot that I should be back by 2:00 at the speed boat, and I didn't have a watch to check the time. I rushed back to the place where we had git down and then I remembered that I forgot to note my speed boat's name or design.

Panic struck. I was imagining all weird things what if I was left alone, I didn't carry a single diem with me to get back to ao nang.
I walked half the stretch of the beach to see if I could identify the speed boat that I came in and no trace of it.
I heart was racing, thinking What now.
Then I felt a pat on my shoulder it was our  speed boat's captain who called himself Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow

And Just to be careful the next time, I took a picture of our speed boat.
I am being responsible now, remember my parents sent me alone to be careful not to get lost. hehe :)

Our Speed boat

Lats and final stop for the day was hong islands
This was basically the snorkeling stop and I did snorkel a bit but I was too afraid.

Random pic of people snorkeling

Our guide advised us about sea urchins and speed boat propellers which might be dangerous to us while snorkeling.
We snorkeled for about 45 minutes next we head back to Ao nang.

And thus the day day tour to phi phi comes to an end.
I came back to the hotel for a hot shower and this was the last day I would be in ao nang.
I had a flight back to Bangkok the next day. But I still repent for not having stayed in Ao nang a little while longer.

I ended the day with a vegetarian buffet dinner at Bernie's place it was good and worth for THB 150.

And this is the memory I carried back home.


Rest in the Next


2 February 2013

Day 4: Train travel and Surat Thani to Krabi still en route

Date : 26th Dec and 27th Dec 2012

Partly Day 3 and Fully Day 4

 Continuing from my last post I was in a train headed to Surat Thani.

Plan : To go to Ao Nang

The route I took :

 Bangkok ==> Surat Thani (By train)
Surat Thani ==> Krabi ( Bus )
Krabi ==> Ao nang ( Shared van)

This route could be considered as the second costliest method to reach ao nang, first costliest being the flight.
This route can be a bit time consuming because

 Bangkok ==> Surat Thani (By train) - ETA* ( 7:06hrs) - ATA* (9:55hrs) - 15 hours
Surat Thani ==> Krabi ( Bus ) - no delays - 3.5 hours
Krabi ==> Ao nang ( Shared van) - no delays except for some waiting time - 45 min

ETA*: Expected Time of Arrival
ATA*:  Actual Time of arrival

This is how a railway ticket looks in Thailand

It cost me about THB 650 for one way from Bangkok to Surat thani in a second class Non-AC coach.
I was a bit worried if it would be safe and comfortable for a solo female traveller. The truth it was very comfortable and safe.
You get sheets, pillows and curtain too for your berth. You can compare the facilities to 2nd class A/c of Indian trains.
 There is a separate space allotted for luggage storage near your seat and is quite safe. Just in case you are not sure you can always take a steel tag and tie it with your seat.

And Bonus there is a decent pantry car inside the train and dinner/break fast menu with vegetarian option all ranging from THB 150 ~ THB 250. I am not sure about the food quality as I did not taste it.

I would have woken up so many times in the night just to make sure that I didn't miss Surat Thani and go somewhere else. There were coaches which travelled only up to Surat Thani and there were also coaches which travelled up to Nakhon Si Thammarat. Unfortunately I was in the coach which travelled all the way up to Nakhon Si Thammarat. So I had to keep checking.
There were not many foreigners in my coach as most of them preferred taking the A/C coaches. The local people understood very little english but somehow tried to help.
There is a common notion that trains in Thailand never run on time and yes, It did not run on time was about 3 hours delayed.

Once I got down at Surat thani station I was not sure how to proceed further. I followed most of the tourists and went outside. When I just thought how I would find my way out of Surat thani, I saw foreigners flocking towards 2/3 desk arranged outside the station. You can easily spot these desks just outside the station as you walk towards the left. Travel agents were selling tickets to all the possible destination Krabi, Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh phangan, Ko phi phi etc.

I queued in the line and got myself a bus ticket to Krabi from Phathip travel company which costed around THB 200~250. Phanthip travels company is a reliable travel service company as said by many others and my experience says.

 I felt hungry again... Sorry If I talk a lot about eating, but I love eating..
There are small shops on the road which can serve food and water at a very steep price when you compare what is on offer at Bangkok's streets.

I could purchase fried rice at THB 20 at Bangkok for which I paid THB 50 here. Same goes with the water bottles too.
I was eating my fried rice so intently that I failed to hear the conductor lady screaming at the top of her voice asking passengers going to Krabi to get into a bus. As I said Food first others later.

Yes, you guessed it right the bus to krabi departed without me and I didn't realise this until I finished eating. :) hehe.

I then got into an argument with the travel company and somehow got to board bus that went to the main Surat Thani station and from there I was taken in a songthaew to the place where bus was waiting.
As we reached near the point where the Krabi bus was waiting for us. I was approached by a man who told that I could book my onward transfer from Krabi to Ao Nang in a shared van. It is basically like
they can drop me off just near my hotel. I thought it was good enough and paid THB 200 for that.

Loaded myself and my bag in the bus should say it was a comfy bus and I slept my way through the journey. Reached Krabi in about 3.5 hours. And not they do not drop you off at the krabi bus station and instead take somewhere near their office 10 kms from the bus station. You could buy tickets to ao nang once you reach Krabi. Coz It cost only THB 150. I felt so cheated then. But I didn't have the energy to argue with them. I got into the shared van reached my hotel Baan taveesree. It was the moment of relief.

22 hours of journey at a stretch was too much for this new-bee. The hotel was small but looked good from outside. Checked-in and hit the bed straight.

Woke up very late in the evening and cleaned myself and walked up to the beach. As I was strolling around the area I felt like I was in Goa only a little less noisier.

Ao Nang

I went out basically to find a place to eat my dinner. Yes, I found a small restaurant called " The patain's place restaurant" where they understood my vegetarian issue and cooked for me.

Yumm food.... @ patain's place restaurant

To end the day I wanted to try one last thing.
And that was.

Fish Spa

I paid THB 200 just for 15 minutes and failed bargaining with the owner. But then it was a tickly experience.

And thus the day came to an end. I had to get ready early next morning for my phi phi isalnds  daytrip.

Will write  a review about my hotel in the next post.

Till then rest.


1 February 2013

Day 3: Bangkok here and Surat thani to Krabi there

Date: 26th Dec 2012

Day 3: Bangkok & Krabi

 Today I had to go to Krabi. I had a booked a night train.
Will talk about how to reach Krabi in the later part of the blog now I will talk about my visit to Queen Saovabha snake institute.

As usual I woke up late this morning and directly went for my breakfast as mentioned in my earlier blog food options for vegetarians were limited. Not so happy as I could not have a dig.

I had to pack my bag as I had to check out today. Packed my stuff, cleaned myself did a early checkout, dropped my bags at the concierge and off to sight seeing.

The Queen Saovabha snake institute is located in the pathumwan area. The closest access is MRT Sam Yan / BTS Sala Daeng.

I took the MRT and this was the first time I used a MRT in thailand. It is quite easy to use.

I have attached the link on How to use MRT in Bangkok . This proved quite useful to me.

The snake farm is about 10 minutes walk from MRT Sam Yan.

The institute is quite big and the snake farm is only a small part of it. You can easily locate the entrance to the snake farm if you keep walking on the left after you enter.

The entry ticket is THB 200 for the snake farm and the show. There are two shows in a day one at 11:00am and one at 2:30Pm.

The 11:00Am show is the snake milking show where the snake venom removal demonstration is done and the 2:00Pm show is the snake display show where different type of snakes are brought out of the cage and demonstrated.

I attended the 2:30Pm show and would say that it is highly recommended and knowledgeable. The snake are displayed so close to the audience only a small steel gate is in between the audience and the display area.

Few photos taken during the show

Naja Naja @ King Cobra

Siamese Cobra

Going at least 10 min prior to the show is recommended as all the good seats would be taken early. I arrived a few minutes prior to the show and I had to squeeze my butt in the first row. Thanks to the lady next to me who didn't complain.

At the end of the show you get to take a photo with this.....

There is also a snake museum on the first floor which has lots of information about the snake life cycle along with models and many other useful videos displayed.

It was past 3:30 and I was finding a place to eat and on the opposite side of the street I saw lot of street stalls crossed the road.. not on the zebra crossing , not that I am law breaker but I couldn't find one. But I found no luck in talking to people making them understand that I wanted vegetarian.

I kept walking and walking then I found a big temple quite interesting one.

It was called as Wat Hua Lumphong.
I entered the temple and saw lots of cats in there( at least 10~15). I went near them to touch  but they did not move away was quite surprised coz the cats I have seen so far in India ran away the moment they knew I was approaching them.

There were not many people in the temple and it  was not touristy at all. In the main hall there was a large Buddha image decorated in gold. Looked majestic. On the outer area of the main hall there well lots of bells hung and circumference of the temple.

Around the temple

Actual Buddha image inside the temple

Also I heard that this temple accepts coffins as a donation for the burial of poor who cannot afford a coffin. You can also pay a small donation which they accept happily.

Next I hopped back in the MRT on my way to the hotel to collect my bags and directly off to the station.

I took the MRT again to go to Hua Lumphong station(also known as the Bangkok station) for my onward train to Surat Thani. It is a short walk from MRT to the Bangkok station no fear of getting lost as there are lot of signages. Just to be sure I kept tracing the path of a white guy who was also headed to the station. I should admit he was walking quite fast.

MRT Sam Yan and MRT Hua lumphong are one after other, I made the mistake of returning all the way to my hotel just to pick my bags. Instead I should have first gone to MRT Hua lumphong walked to the Bangkok station and dropped my Baggies there at a reliable bag point run by the station authorities for a small fee.

Now that I entered the station I was worried how I would find my train and platform number. Luckily there was a information desk where two uniformed men were guiding lot of foreign tourists. You just show your ticket and they guide  you with all the details like platform number, coach number etc. Quite easy to locate and no fear of getting lost or taking the wrong train.

While I will make a separate post on how to book train tickets online.

Board on the train

And Yeah I forgot to tell you about my food quest, If you could read your way up this blog you would have noticed that I had skipped my lunch too. Ms. Tummy grumble couldn't find any vegetarian food in the station except for water, pop-corn and something called mee-korb that I managed to purchase with my broken Thai.

Mee Korb in my hand and pop corn on my lap

Will write further about my train journey in the next post