17 February 2013

Day 6: shift back to Bangkok

Date: 29th Dec 2012.

Day: 6

I have already started realising that my trip is coming to an end. I had only 6 more days to go.

I had to leave ao nang today, Coz I thought 2 nights was just enough to spend @ ao nang. But I was wrong.

I completely miscalculated, the place was so laid back and soothing that I did not want to leave.
What do you think I did?

No, I did not drop the plan of going back to Bangkok.... Coz I had a booked a whopping THB 3500 one way ticket to Bangkok on TG :(

I regretted that, and the ticket was non-refundable so no other go, I had to go back to Bangkok!

From Ao Nang to get to the Krabi airport is not hectic. There are quite a few ways, I am mentioning them below

1) Take a taxi to airport( Costliest Option)
2) I have heard that a shared mini van can take you as well ( Cheaper option compared to 1)
3) Taking the airport bus

I took the third option and it was quite good. There are fixed timings where the airport bus is scheduled and It can take you just for a small fee of THB 150. Not crowded. Keeps time and frequency is good.

As I had mentioned in my earlier post Hotel owner Charlie from ao nang dropped me at the bus stop.
The airport bus stops just in front of the Mc. Donalds

And One more information of course about food, Mc. Donalds does not sell any vegetarian stuff. And krabi airport does not have a proper restaurant set up. It has only a very few snack counters available and that too on the pricey side

TG ao nang to Bangkok
This monster took me back to Bangkok!
during the flight they served us some tea and cake. Not tasty~!!! :D

And as you might know we landed at Suvanaphoom ( Suvarnabhoomi). Don't even ask the airport was toooooooooooooo crowded..
I felt too irritated to look around as it was too crowded and walked straight to the baggage point.

To add insult to the injury mine was the last bag to to come on the belt. I waited almost 45 minutes for my bag. I was literally fuming smoke!

Now it was a Saturday and I wanted to go to the Chatuchak Market tomorrow. So I booked a hotel near Mo-chit and that is  Mystic Place rooms.
While I plan to write a review of the hotel in my next post. I just want to share how I commuted from Suvarnabhoomi to my hotel in Mo-chit.

The Airport Link is a boon to the travellers.
The route I took:

ARL from Airport ==> Phaya thai => Change to BTS Phaya Thai
BTS Phaya Thai ==> Mo-chit

No Hassles no difficulties.

About  How to purchase a ticket to ARL, that quite easy same as how you purchase a ticket in MRT.

Here is a snap of the ARL

ARL Bangkok City Line
ARL City Line

It seems that there are two Lines one notably the City Line & the other is Express Line.
I will not talk about the Express line, Coz I do not know anything about it. Hehe! ;)

And yes City Line, It stops in almost all the stops. between the airport and suvarnabhoomi. That's it~!

Got down at BTS Mochit. You know what I realised then?
I forgot to take the address of the hotel. Bum Bum BUM. With my poor Thai skills I asked people the directions to my hotel.
And it so happened nobody knew the name of the hotel or at least did not understand the way I pronounced. I am sure it was either of them.

A foreigner crossed by and I stopped her and asked if she knew my hotel, Unfortunately she didn't know too. But she gave me a tip to check out Soi Pradhiapat as there might be so many hotels.

I walked, walked and walked and yet not over kept walking each person I enquired asked me to walk further.
Sun was going down and my panic level increased.
Alas.... I found Soi Pradhiaphat it was a main road and very busy adding to which side walks were small with small shop filled with fish/ chicken stink.

It was 30 minutes since I started walking I still could not figure out where I was. And the further I walked the number of people who understood English decreased.
I saw a big hotel and walked in thinking just that the receptionists in such a big hotel would be able to talk English.
Smarty me, Idea worked out and the lady in the reception was able to help me out to figure where my hotel was.

Then to my relief after a few meter of further walk I spotted this board

Hotel near Chatuchak Market
The hotel's name board

And I was checked-in duly and the people at the reception were too helpful and the courtesy extended to the level where they themselves understood I was damn tired and thirsty and gave me some water to drink.

It was almost 1 hours before I could find the hotel now and it was dark by then. I went to my room, washed myself and went out for a stroll.
I would say there was nothing much around that area expect for a lot of street food stalls which I thought was especially stinky in this area and few stores here and there.
And forgot to mention the purpose of the stroll, without doubts it was Dinner Hunting trip.
I discovered 3 Indian restaurants near my hotel but I definitely didn't want to eat Indian and mind it Indian food is costly.

Headed back to hotel and my hotel had a cozy cafe called as Mystic cafe where I decided to finish my dinner.
I chose to do so coz there were a lot of people walking in and out. And I did not regret the decision.
They cooked me superbo vegetarian food. I am sorry but I was so hungry I did not take a pic of the food.
But I could definitely give a thumbs up. The portion was very less though.
Anyways I hit the bed for that as I had a long day tomorrow or at least I had thought so.
The day at the Chatuchak Market.

Rest in the next