18 March 2013

The day that is...

*This post is part of The Chennai Bloggers Club's Manic Monday series initiated to keep the spirit of blogging alive and challenging.*

This day what is expected to be manic is not so manic to me.

When the CBC's group thalaivi(leader) gave this theme I thought there would be lot to blog about on this day.
Usually it is, but today nothing so.

Every start of the week there is something called the weekly powwow in my workplace where the Japanese staff and Indian staff have to report their last weeks activity along with their plans for this week.

Luckily today the big boss is out of country and we don't have to do it.

This is what exactly my office meeting room looks like on monday

And I was discussing exactly this to one of my friends few days back and he said that he is growing unwell these because of all the meetings and brainstorming happening at his office which he termed as "Mad & Manic Monday".

He even said that he had thought of calling his office to create a bomb hoax to avoid the meeting fuss.

I asked him what unwell meant or why was he so worked up about the whole monday meeting this, he said he had turned into an "insomaniac" just by preparing for all the meetings.
I started wondering What Insomaniac meant or if it was a typo for Insomniac.

I understand now that my friend has become a maniac because of all his manic Mondays.
Or is it just his way of seeing things?!

I absolutely love the rush monday gives me. I enjoy listening to my colleagues talk in EngRish calling convoy to be car line[ looking for the word eh?] and pronouncing current as kyurrent. 
Evary(every) monday in each Physical(fiscal) year is so exciting to me and while I am writing this I start thinking monday to me is afterall not so manic.

~ Kei

17 March 2013

Day 8: The Grand palace that blew my mind off

Date: 31st Dec 2012

Day: 8

4 more days for my going back to hot and humid Chennai. This was the first thought that came to my mind when I woke up that morning. :'(

I enjoyed every moment in Thailand and truly I didn't want to go back.
The next thought, Shit!?! It's already 9:30 and the hotel will not serve breakfast after 10:00.
I ran downstairs to grab some breakfast and disappointment again. Second consecutive day of toast and jam.
Just because the breakfast was toast and jam again I could not give up my breakfast.

I would write a small review about this hotel Boon Siri place

I stayed 2 nights in this hotel. Not a hotel with taste but definitely good for its location, price and cleanliness. The hotel has some green policies like re-using the towel and setting of the A?C must be done below 24 degrees.
Within a walkable distance to the Grand palace and Khao san road. The hotel gives some recommendation for hotel and has a scam warning put up everywhere around the hotel to make sure its guests aren't duped by con men. They have about 4 computers near the reception desk. Breakfast is good but choice is limited to toast and jam for Vegetarians.

There were minor issues in the hot water and A/C, the reception desk sent the concerned person immediately to check it and have it repaired. 
Would definitely recommend for a short stay

Boon siri place
Boonsiri Place, Thanon Bunsiri

Post my breakfast grabbing session, I planned to visit the most important must visit places of Bangkok today.

  • The Grand palace
  • Wat Phra Kaew
  • Wat pho
The Grand palace was majestic I was easily able to locate it within a  10~15 minute walk from my hotel. I could easily figure out the way as heaps of people were walking toward or walking from The grand palace.

The one difficulty I faced was to located the entrance. I joined a queue where a lot of people had queued but the police officials came from nowhere and asked all the foreigners to go to the other entrance and all of a sudden there was a huge commotion around me and I did not know what was happening. A whole crowd started moving toward one direction and I walked with them. The entrance was at the far end at a different corner.

Grand Palace, Bangkok
Crowd at the entrance of Grand Palace
I entered the gates and What I saw was glory and grandeur of the Grand Palace. I so want to upload a photo of its grounds here.

Grand palace, bangkok
Grounds-Grand Palace

And the ticket price and the crow for the entry kind of blew everything away.
The ticket cost was THB 400 and the crowd was like more than 2000 people at a place.
Audio guides were available for hire at a price for THB 200 per 2 hours and extra charges for if  not returned within 2 hours. I did not bother to hire one.

Went in the grand palace queueing along with the maddening crowd. And Inside the palace they do provide free guide service at scheduled times and one service is at 1400 hrs.
I didn't know where to move as it was crowded everywhere  I just walked around the palace with no aim and no understanding and took some random pictures.

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Grand Palace, Bangkok

Complete pleasure to the watchers eye! Majestic and beautiful.
Half way through the meaningless wandering I heard someone talking Japanese, to be precise describing Grand palace in Japanese.
I was lucky it was a Guide who was talking about the grand palace to a few Japanese tourists. I was now with the group of Japanese tourists hearing what the guide had to say about The Grand Palace everything Free of Charge ;) hehe

Then I went to wat phra kaew or the emerald Buddha. It was sooooooo very crowded. Imagine Ranganathan street[T.Nagar] during the festive season same to same.
The police were there to control the crowd and tourists were requested not to take the pictures of the Buddha. But there were a few insensible tourists who broke the rules and were continuously clicking pictures.
It was actually like doing a Tirupathi darshan in General queue.

Later that I also visited the textile museum and took random pictures here and there.

Wat phra Kaew
Entrance to Wat Phra kaew

It was almost 1500 hrs and I was still loitering around in the Grand palace.
Reminder: I have not yet had my lunch yet! :'(

Next spot was Wat pho/ The reclining Buddha.
It was a good 10 minute walk from The Grand Palace to Wat pho.
And the ticket queue was manageable and very less crowded when compared to THB 100.

wat pho
Wat pho timings
There have always been warning about Con men in this area trying to take you to tailors or gem shops and cheat you to take your money. Luckily did not get conned by touts in my whole trip.

So Lets start touring the insides of Wat Pho.

The reclining Buddha
The Buddha was mighty and again you are checked for your proper attire before you enter.
Lot of people around and there is a particular ritual here.

108 bowls are placed just behind the Buddha and you pay a donation of THB 20 and get coins to deposit in the bowls which is believed to bring good luck.

But as a person I do not believe in luck but I tried this coz it was funnnnn.

Wat Pho
Inside Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Wat Pho

Wat Pho
Some random Buddha image inside Wat pho

Walked around completely and aimlessly.
finally I found the famous wat pho school of massage and waited there for a good 1 hour just to experience the divine massage.
The prices are definitely costly I paid THB 270 for a foot massage for half an hour.

But the massage was a bliss after lot of walking for the whole day.

And yes, I have not had my lunch

But Next destination was already there on my mind: Wat Arun.
This building is just across the river you can take a ferry across the river for THB 3 to reach wat arun.

A look into the ferry with me! 

Request you to please notice the small cup in my hand with a red spoon which was my lunch substitute.

anyways moving on to the Wat arun experience.
I basically went there when it was almost closing so got the entry for free :p
Otherwise you are expected to pay a entry charge of THB50

I would say my personal favourite was wat arun I somehow love the architecture, the lighting, the minute designs thhis building has to offer.

Took pictures walked around and took the ferry back to the other side of the river I could see quite a few dinner cruises in the river on the way back looked flashy

Anyways reached the other side of the shore and walked my way back to the hotel.
But I actually couldn't figure out the way back coz what once was a empty land with a canal passing in between was now full shops .
I think it was some kind of night market I toured the whole stretch quite interesting one you could purchase anything from dildos to I-phone.
Went back to my room to refresh and started back to khao san road for the new year bash.
I would say this was the best new year party of my life. I so wished I had a few friends to be with.

A party scene

And my dinner was at Burger king that night. Would say the worst food I ever had after arriving in Bangkok.
I spent some more time in the Khao san after the countdown and I walked back to my room by 1.

There was a family that was enjoying the new year on the road with Thai songs and dance they happily took me in for a drink and I was glad not to be roaming alone. after a brief conversation of trying to make a conversation with them session I walked my way to the hotel. Slept the rest of the day in 2013.

And that is me which you all

Happy New Year 2013 guys

And I am late by 76 days

Will talk talk about tomorrow by next weekend.


7 March 2013

And the Liebster Blog award goes to......

Firstly Let me thank Rio De La Sciocco for honouring me with the award.

Okay The the rules of this game are as follows.
[Clearly I have copy pasted it]........

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves. ( Honesty is the best Policy)
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you 
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!

11  things about me:

  1. I hate when people misspell my name as Kamatchi instead of Kamakshi
  2. I love beaches and mountains but scared to walk on grass
  3. I cannot stand male ego
  4. I am fidgeting my mobile always
  5. I believe in Buddhist philosophy and am trying to level best to apply them in my life
  6. I am a vegetarian but I can eat invisible form of egg as in cakes etc
  7. I love snakes
  8. I eat a lot of gobi manchurian. There was a time when my friend told me that I would marry someone name gobi hehe;)
  9. I love swimming but I wish I was brave enough to jump into an ocean.
  10. I love my mother and I can do anything to make her happy or give away anything not to lose her.
  11. I read books or listen to music when I am very sad. and I think a lot about my life.
Time to answer 11 questions from Rio De La Sciocco

1. Favourite Dish

Ans: Gobi Manchurian

2. Best Friend

Ans: My mother

3. Best enemy

Ans: Kathambari [ Dude sorry if you are reading this......]

4. Best Blog

5. Worst Blog

Ans: Mine?!

6. Best Politician

Ans: Narendra Modi

7. Worst Politician

Ans: Almost everyone except Modi

8. Best Hotel

9. Worst Hotel

10. Best Book

Ans: Two states by Chetan Bhagat

11. Worst Book

Ans: I have not read so many books to call one as worst

My 11 nominees are:

6. Kalyan

10. Kaushik

My 11 questions for the nominated bloggers:

1. What is love according to you?

2. What is the one thing you want to change in you life?

3. How often do you use swear words?

4. What do you think about my blog? How can I improve? Link

5. Who is the one person that you wish to apologise and why?

6. What do you think about maggi noodles?

7. What does travelling mean to you? [ as in new places]

8. What you think about women?

9. Which country do you want to settle down?

10. Which according to you is the toughest language to learn?

11. Name 3 of of your favourite restaurants in Chennai.