20 May 2013

Why do Indians talk a lot?

 Note: This post of mine was published in a Japanese Magazine in India . I was asked to write an article that might help the Japanese understand Indians better.

In my previous post I had talked about Indians keeping up the appointments and the IST. This article I would like to share my analyzing comparison about the talking skills or rather the speech capacity of the few Japanese people and the Indians I have met in this many days.

And also be informed that Indians can talk the longest (Most probably). While I was writing this a thought came to my mind to Google if the Guinness record for the world’s longest talking hours was by any chance held by  an Indian luckily no. It was Cornish chap who publicly spoke for about 124 hours.
Indians, I think by birth we have the capacity of talking a lot. Ask our name would tell you everything including our horoscope.  That is because we trust others a lot. We believe in making bonds with our partner. Talk to them for 1 piece of information and they can shower you with 1000 potions of information.  But there are people who can offer you a fortune for free and dustbin for a crore.

While I am trying to solve or explain a few very clichéd complaints/ rants of my Japanese colleagues and friends whom I have met or talked to

Problem: I ask Indians about number 1. And they talk about number ten.

Explanation: We are trying to explain you that Number 10 is the grandmother of number 1. We are giving you the root cause of the matter. In short we Indians are affected ny the know-all syndrome

Problem:  They explain a lot that they end up giving a lot of information on what was not required

Explanation: You might think that is completely unrelated. But think it down, each and every piece of information the person giving to you is somewhere barely related

Problem: Even If I am ready to hear out all ranting, I do not understand your English

Solution:  Pull the  a’s and stress the d’s and drive the r’s. This is Indian English. Now try doing that simple isn’t it. There are a few wannabe’s who have accented their language probably because of their short stint in the US.

Problem: Even though I understand Indian English, Indians are very fast while they speak.

Solution: Stop them each time while they are in a hurry to catch a flight in their mouth and remind them that they still have 4 long hours for it

From an Indian stand point I can tell you that it is a very common trait of Indians to talk and lot and a common trait of Japanese to hear all that and talk very less.

To justify being talkative we are trying to express you each and every feeling of ours about the topic that has been brought not even leaving a drop.

And since my publishers have given me only one page to write about all these questions. I am put in a place where I am not allowed to write anything more than this.