14 December 2012

Prepping for Kei's first trip abroad!!

I am Kei, trying out my hand in Travel blogging while I am prepping for my first trip abroad to " The Land of Smiles".
                                                         Courtesy : TG :)
I wanted to write a travel blog because
I got Inspired.. I GOT INSPIRED by a few people whom I have met and a few blogs which I have read.
Nevertheless Nomadic Life is great but its own difficulties tag along.
But I am sure I cannot be a nomadic, but I am trying to enjoy the pleasure of travelling " Here and There ~ Now and Then"

I promise myself not to be lazy and blog whatever I see, I smell, I enjoy, I do @ The land of Simles and all the side trips which I have planned now and then

Currently in her comfort zone @ MAS, India.


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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks So very much!
      I will make sure I regularly update the blog!!!


  2. wow..Really nice blog..while i was started reading your recent post..i thought to read from i am here now to your first post :)..will be reading your experience at "The Land of Smiles" now..:)


    Sathya Narayanan (CBC meet)


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