8 January 2013

Kei carves her wings

Date: 22nd & 23rd December 2012 

First and Last Shocker - Spare me please!!!

This is my first trip abroad after I have started earning. So I was super excited about the whole trip thing.
I had told my parents that a friend would accompany me for the whole trip, unfortunately my friend had to cancel her trip due to some personal  reasons.


I was worried if my parents would even allow me to go to Thailand now.
As expected parents started worrying about how would i go alone.

Problem (Parents): How would I go alone to a foreign country with nobody with me.
Solution (Kei): I will buy a mobile to keep in touch with you(parents).
Solution (Parents): Lets call our relatives who have been abroad to check if Kei(me) would be safe if she travels alone.

Kei (Me): Lets call uncle(he is a well traveled person-business related) .

Uncle:" Thailand is a very dangerous place particularly for solo females. Lots of prostitution and do not go to watch any shows(" you know what show"). I would definitely advise against travelling alone."


More than enough reason for my parents to stop me from travelling.
And there comes Trip Advisor(TA) to my rescue...

Convinced my parents somehow to let me go and promised to keep in touch with them regularly.

I was just waiting to fly.

~ Kei gets wings

Currently in MAS ~ blog after having returned safely from Thailand..
BKK  seems to be more comfortable now! ;)

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  1. Much happy......about ur travel dr....great carry on wit more trip.....


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