18 March 2013

The day that is...

*This post is part of The Chennai Bloggers Club's Manic Monday series initiated to keep the spirit of blogging alive and challenging.*

This day what is expected to be manic is not so manic to me.

When the CBC's group thalaivi(leader) gave this theme I thought there would be lot to blog about on this day.
Usually it is, but today nothing so.

Every start of the week there is something called the weekly powwow in my workplace where the Japanese staff and Indian staff have to report their last weeks activity along with their plans for this week.

Luckily today the big boss is out of country and we don't have to do it.

This is what exactly my office meeting room looks like on monday

And I was discussing exactly this to one of my friends few days back and he said that he is growing unwell these because of all the meetings and brainstorming happening at his office which he termed as "Mad & Manic Monday".

He even said that he had thought of calling his office to create a bomb hoax to avoid the meeting fuss.

I asked him what unwell meant or why was he so worked up about the whole monday meeting this, he said he had turned into an "insomaniac" just by preparing for all the meetings.
I started wondering What Insomaniac meant or if it was a typo for Insomniac.

I understand now that my friend has become a maniac because of all his manic Mondays.
Or is it just his way of seeing things?!

I absolutely love the rush monday gives me. I enjoy listening to my colleagues talk in EngRish calling convoy to be car line[ looking for the word eh?] and pronouncing current as kyurrent. 
Evary(every) monday in each Physical(fiscal) year is so exciting to me and while I am writing this I start thinking monday to me is afterall not so manic.

~ Kei